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He always seemed to suffocate you. It was just too much. After all he gave you a home when you had none. He accepted you even if you were unlike the elves, you were a human.

You owed him everything but you loved Legolas. He had been your best friend. You grew closer as the months passed by, always eager to spend time with one another and the king noticed this. You realized that you were crying. Was it because of frustration or because of the friendship and love that now cannot blossom? You had no idea what to do but you kept to yourself. Meanwhile in the castle, Legolas was also confronted by the king.

You shall not continue pursuing that mortal! Legolas walked out the front doors of the Mirkwood castle before the king could even finish his sentence. He wanted to see you. You were the only one who could make him smile but you were nowhere to be found. He had been looking for you, even the king tried to stop him. He walked for a couple of minutes along the forest until he heard something. He hid behind a bush, his ears adjusting to the sound. It sounded like a little wild animal.

It was coming from up there. His eyes trailed up the tree and there you were. It was just you after all. He gave out a sigh of relief, smiling as he emerged from the shadows. He looked up at you once more, his smile vanishing as he realised that you were crying. He felt his heart weary upon seeing the sadness on your face. You were always so cheerful and this was the first time he saw you crying.The sun was high in the sky and its light filtered through the canopy of the trees. Casting complex shadows all across the forest floor.

His fingers were laced with yours and you swung your intertwined hands slightly. You turned your face up to catch the wind and a smile wormed its way onto your features.

You turned to Legolas, your smile growing, a blush rose on his cheeks and he smiled back at you sheepishly. A charming, graceful and stoic prince, he was lusted after, envied, honored. He was focused, centered and balanced. You threw him for a loop and then some. Legolas had never met someone like you. One smile, one side glance and you knocked him completely off balance.

The first time you ever smiled at him he tripped over his own feet and fell right into an armor stand. That was two years ago and every smile, every laugh, every touch, and every kiss since had him falling all over again.

Legolas had never in his life been called clumsy. It irked him somewhat in the beginning how one person could change him so drastically but over time he has learned to love it, and learned to love you, and everything you are together.

He expected you to laugh at him, the first time he fell and every time after that, but you never did. You always would let out a sigh and small smile as you helped him up and tended to any wound he might have received.

Since the two of you have started courting kisses have proven to be the best remedy for his ailments rather than a trip to the healer. That mentality carried on elsewhere and it seemed like every good thing about you cured every bad thing about him, and vice versa. He was leading you through the forest to a secluded clearing where he had promised the two of you would spend the day.

The private time between the two of you had begun dwindling, after all, you were to be the king and queen of Mirkwood someday.

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Being king and queen meant a lot of meetings and a lot of training, in everything from table manners to your skill with a sword. No training today, though, you were promised. His foot caught on an exposed root and he went tumbling forward.

A strangled yell left his parted lips as his arm scraped against a large rock.But I hope you like this, my dear anon! I did my best! Once Legolas stepped into the great hall of Mirkwood, it only took a moment for him to find what he was looking for. Or rather, who he was looking for. His eyes landed on an elleth from across the vast, crowded wooden floor and though your back was turned to him, he recognized you right away.

legolas x elf!reader

He smiled to himself when he saw the velvet green dress hugging your frame and leaving your shoulders and upper back bare. He was somewhat shocked to see your long hair pulled into an intricately braided bun on the nape of your neck.

He knew how much you hated having that many pins hidden in your hair and pricking at your scalp. He made a bet with himself about how long it would take you to start complaining. His thoughts were interrupted by his father standing from his place at the high table.

You smiled and lifted your goblet to him before pressing it to your painted lips.

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Legolas forced his gaze from you to his father, nodding in appreciation with a promise to visit the high table later in the evening. He wanted to visit you first. He weaved through the elves on the floor, barely noticing their greetings. He stood behind you and said your name lowly. You turned, a smile growing on your face as you took him in. It seemed to you the quest of the Ring had taken decades and even now, he seemed centuries older. Before he could answer, waves of music eased from strings and flutes and flooded his sensitive ears.

He reached out a hand to you. You took his hand with nothing but a nod. He led you to the center of the now empty floor and bowed to you. You curtsied back with a smirk that made him chuckle. He knew you hated all the formalities of balls and that you had only attended this one because it was in his honor. He raised his hand to yours, leaving a breath of air between your skin.Originally posted by rememberkingthranduil. Originally posted by deathbymuser. Summary: After taking refuge in Lothlorien, you confront Legolas about his strange behaviours around you, which leads to confessions from both sides.

The road so far had been long and perilous. Since leaving the safety of Rivendell you had fought a sea monster, battled your way through a mine and then tragically lost Gandalf to a Balrog of Morgoth.

You did your best to comfort the others, knowing they had not seen death as you had, and continued to do so even as you entered Lothlorien. You sat with the Hobbits for a while, telling wild stories about Gandalf until you earned either a smile or a laugh from each of them. Suddenly the air around you all changed as distant singing could be heard.

It echoed around the trees like a gentle wind, the sound was deep and melancholic. You tried to pick out the words, but elvish was most definitely not your strong suit. You looked at each of the hobbits, seeing a lingering sadness in their eyes. There should be a verse about them.

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Keep reading. Summary: At long last you have finally admitted your innermost feelings for the Woodland Prince to your dear friend Aragorn, at the same time he has learned of the feelings Legolas has kept for you.

Now you and Legolas have a chance to express how you both truly feel for one another. Part 1 is here. Originally posted by reactionimages. Gandalf had called for everyone to continue onward, just as a tiny rock rickashayed off the side of your head, you snapped your attention down to the right.

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Where Pippin stood, looking down and desperately trying to avoid eye contact at all costs. You heard a deep and hearty laugh from farther on the rocks, raising your sights in that direction you found Aragorn doing a terrible job at holding in his amusement.

You turned to Pippin who was quickly finding his courage again as he confidently looked upon your annoyed face. You flashed him a friendly smile before silently clenching your fist and shaking it at him in a mock bit of anger.

He just stuck his tongue out at you before skipping over to Merry and Sam like the little bastard he is. The ten of you had made your way down the other side of the rocky hill without much indecent to be concerned of, past a small stream for a water break, near to a small herd of deer, and now you all travel through open grass fields with the occasional large bush as you pass by.

During all this time it had occurred to you in your keen observations that the silver haired prince seemed more jubilant then usual. He appeared to hold himself with a confident and tireless stride as he walked ahead of you and half of the Fellowship.

To believe your dream as reality would be rather hasty of you as no man would ever visit Rohan but filthy, foul orcs. Everyday its citizens live in vain to what the future may bring, dark ages indeed. Slipping on your attire, plain choice of clothing but accustomed for a villager as the sun rises from behind the unsteady hills. Stars fade deep into the glow of the dawn ambience, birds spread their wings and soar into the cerulean blue, no longer bound to the nightsky.

The Company that treads in is rather eccentric but too, with grim faces. They do not seem appealing about where they are heading, but he looks different.Gimli: I dare you to kiss the cutest person in the room.

To me, Wattpad is my past.

Welcome to Wonderland — Legolas x Reader

A lot has changed. Going back to that work now just seems strange… And slightly embarrassing. You: This is a nice change of scenery. You: I mean, given that there are at least forty orcs surrounding us, the most natural thing to do would be panic. Legolas: You know what I mean.

Legolas imagines — Gimli: Truth or Dare? Legolas: Dare Gimli: I dare...

Tauriel : Hey [reader]! Reader : Time for plan B. Merry : How many plans do we have? Is there like, a plan S? Boromir: Yeah, Pippin dies in plan S. Reader: There are like, five orcs trying to kill us! Legolas: Actually, there are eight. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Gimli: Truth or Dare?


Aragorn: "So, you and Legolas? Legolas and I what? No, of course not. Say, what do you call the stuff bees make? Legolas: Act natural You: I mean, given that there are at least forty orcs surrounding us, the most natural thing to do would be panic Legolas: You know what I mean.Requested by psychopathic-singer. But, even with all your fretting, they came anyway, leaving you trying to hide the pained expression on your face on the second day, when it was always worse, as you walked, keeping to the back so there was less chance of anyone noticing.

You had some medicinal herbs that usually helped, and while it muted them a little, it quickly became clear that this time was going to be bad. Breathing deeply, you sat for a few moments, trying to get the pain in control, but as a particularly bad cramp seized your lower stomach, you groan and tried to call up as much as you could in the seated position. All good here. A pained laugh leaves you as you crack your eyes open a bit to look at him.

He looks blank for a moment before it dawned on him what you were referring to. You stared at him. It surprised you when he laughed, something that actually made you smile. You could feel the heat creeping into your cheeks.

Do you really know something that could work? Those few minutes felt like the longest of your life, not only because of the pain, but because you were also kicking yourself for being an idiot. He returns carrying two steaming bowls, one of which he hands to you as he sits down with you again. Wincing against the pain, you thanked him and took a mouthful, screwing your face up almost instantly.

Legolas chuckles as he starts to eat his own. You chuckled dryly forcing the food down. It means that everything is as it should be. Legolas finally shakes his head, smiling at you.

Smiling, you take another bite of food, blanch again at the taste, before you both chuckle again, the laughter putting you at ease more than any herd ever could. Posted 1 year ago. Powered by Tumblr. Simple Things theme by Dan Hauk. Jun They were going to happen whether you liked it or not.

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Posted 1 year ago notes the lord of the ringslegolaslegolas x readershortdrabblesfollowers challenge. About Kitchenator's Writers Blog Hey everyone! Welcome to my writer's blog. All fanfic writing I use for practise for my own work, as well as just loving the worlds that they come from, I own none of the content bar my own characters. All original work is owned by me and under copyright.

Please free to explore and don't hesitate to ever send me a message, I'm very easy going and would love to chat.Nordic visitor made everything stress-free. It was great to be able to pick up our rental car and check into accommodations, simply by handing them our reservation paper.

All accommodations were very clean, comfortable, great breakfasts and most had a beautiful Norway view. My friend and I just finished the Ring Road bus tour and were completely delighted with all aspects of the trip.

We loved Iceland and feel like Nordic Visitor showed us the very best of the country in a way that maximized relaxation and minimized stress.

legolas x reader tumblr

I definitely would choose this company for my next Scandinavian adventure. My husband and I thought the tour and the service provided by Nordic Visitor to be excellent.

It was very convenient to book our trip with you as we didn't have to worry about coordinating all the accommodations, car rentals, shuttles, and tours on our own. Additionally, everyone from Nordic Visitor who helped us were so friendly, professional, and helpful. We will definitely look to using your services again for our future Nordic vacations. I saved myself days and days of research by letting Gudrun take care of everything. Using Nordic Visitor allowed me direct access to a local agent (Gudrun) who knows how to put my trip together.

We were delighted to be able to meet Alexandra, our Consultant, at the end of our trip. Despite some challenges provided by the weather we thoroughly enjoyed our circle drive through the extraordinary landscape and geo thermal environment. We have great admiration for the resilience of the people who live and work in the small, remote farming and fishing villages around the country. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to our friends and others who were interested in our travels.

Legolas x Reader

Thankyou for ensuring our visit was safe and well organised. This was a special holiday we had been planning for over a year to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary and thanks to your careful planning for us it was a holiday that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

I booked the 'Exotic Hideaways' package last winter for my wife and I for our honeymoon in May.

legolas x reader tumblr

We have both always wanted to visit Iceland and having just returned from our trip, I can say unequivocally it was everything we were expecting and more. From our driver who picked us up at the airport and went out of his way to make us feel welcome, to our 'at your own pace' itinerary and all the accommodations arranged for us along the way (which were virtually flawless.

Perhaps it was because we arrived technically in the tail end of the off-season, but at times it felt like we had the entire country to ourselves. And what an AMAZING country it is!!. Waterfalls, Cliffs, Caves, Lava fields each stop seemed to be more indescribably beautiful then the last. With all the wedding planning and considering we've never been to Iceland before, I thought it best to leave the details of the honeymoon up to a professional and I'm glad I did.

I was understandably a little anxious putting so much of our trip in the hands of a company I only just stumbled across online, but in reading reviews on TripAdvisor and others I had a feeling Nordic Visitor would come through - and they did. I will say email seems to be the preferred method of contact. I did try calling the office on one occasion but they asked kindly if I would mind calling back later because they were in the process of changing offices.

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I never did, but it was reassuming to know at least there was someone on the other line I could call up if I had an immediate question. We chose one of the self-drive packages, which at first I was a little on the fence about but it Michele Culinary Experience in the Heart of Sweden, May 2013 We had a remarkable time Everything was well prepared and organized. The rental car and accommodations exceeded our expectations.

The dinners were wonderful and the hotel hosts were very welcoming and friendly. Cecelia was always available to answer questions.

legolas x reader tumblr

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